Solutions & Solvents

icon representing detergent solution

Detergent Solution: A teaspoon of neutral detergent, e.g. "Stergene" to half pint of warm water.

icon representing detergent and vinegar solution

Detergent/Vinegar Solution: Add one teaspoon of white vinegar to the above detergent solution.

icon representing ammonia solution

Ammonia Solution: One tablespoon of household ammonia to one cup of warm water. Warning: Always test a small "out of the way" area of your carpet for fastness prior to tackling the stain.

icon representing dry cleaning solution

Dry Cleaning Solvent: A proprietary brand of dry cleaning solvent should be used. You will also need a blunt knife and some white tissues or absorbent cloth to blot up the stain as it is released. The modern alternative is K2R, a dry spray, which is best left overnight to work on any stain before vacuuming off.

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